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Here’s where we help you look your best.


Nowadays, customers want everything on the go. Make sure your brand doesn’t get left behind.

At Dash Media, our focus is to build a brand that looks good anywhere – especially on smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. Since the start of 2014, there is now more mobile devices on the planet than there are humans. It doesn’t make sense to make an awesome website that works great on a desktop but is broken when a customer tries to use an iPad.

Here are some stats for you to think about:

  • Nearly one-third of all e-mails are opened on a mobile phone and just over 10% on tablets
  • One in three mobile searchers have local intent compared to one in five on desktops

  • Mobile traffic now accounts for 15% of all internet traffic

This is not a party you can afford to miss out on. That’s where we come in. We’ll make sure all of your products are good to go. That’s what a responsive website and product is all about.

Results speak louder than words. Have a look through our portfolio to see the type of perfection we strive for.