Yes, of course: content is king. That sounds great but how in the world do you get started if content isn’t your thing? In other words, you run a business that delivers pizzas or sells real estate or creates headphones. That’s your craft; not writing.

Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think. Take a look at our tips below that’ll help get your content flow started:


What kind of tools does your business use? What kind of tools do you use personally or professionally, in the office? Are there insider tips and tricks that you can share?

Remember, you’re an expert in your realm. If you can give others a peak into what it’s like to be on the inside, they’ll keep coming back for more. Share some of the tools and strategies you use. You know them well and that will make it easy to write about.

For example: we like to use AdBlock on certain browsers. It’s a free add-on for Google Chrome and it removes banners, pop-ups and annoying ads. It also speeds up your browsing.

Talking about tools, tips or tricks is a great way to get going. You’re the expert. Now just share some of that expertise.

Brand Achievement

One of the easiest things to blog about is achievements. Has your brand contributed in some way to charity? Is there someone on your team that’s picked up an award? Has your product managed to make its way on shelves at a new department store? These are all things that you can talk about.

While it’s important not to get too braggadocious, the key here is to get your content started. Sharing some of your company’s wins are an easy way to do that.


If you think writing a full article is a daunting task, break it up into chunks by writing a list. Writing a 1000 words off the top of your head is a challenge but if it’s just 100 words about each entry in the lists, you’ll be able to handle the bite-size pieces much easier.

Lists can be made up of a number of things, like favorite blogs, best tools, awesome tips, etc., you can provide some reasons that someone should or shouldn’t employ a specific strategy, or even prepare a how-to guide with each entry in the list being a step in the process.

The best part is that lists are very consumable. They’re easy to read and fun to pass around on social media.

Educational Posts

Readers are often curious about what you do and how you do it. If you make pizzas, customers like to know how the recipe came fruition, where you purchased your flour from and what’s the secret to your tomato sauce. If you’re a headphone maker, users will want to see the technology inside, know the parts and see how your company created the product.

So if you’re stuck on what to write, just give the readers what they want: an inside look. You can educate them on the inner workings of the business or how your brand comes up with new ideas. There’s a lot of information that’s second nature to you but isn’t known to outsiders. Sharing that information – obviously nothing sensitive – is an easy way to get started with content.