Many marketing firms are investing heavily in the creation of excellent content. However, content doesn’t get noticed unless it has a good headline. It would be a real shame if your readers missed out on a great piece of your wisdom simply because your headline wasn’t able to stand out.

Don’t fret, though. We’ve compiled a list of five effective tips that will help you catch their eye:


Create Some Intrigue

Curiosity killed the cat because the cat grew curious to explore. That’s what you need to do with your headlines: create some intrigue. If the entire story is understood in the headline, you won’t get a click or if the story sounds boring, you won’t get a click.

Create some mystery or some intrigue, so that the ready is compelled to click through and see what’s inside. Here are a couple of good examples:

“There’s Always A Bull Market Somewhere You’d Least Expect It”

“Find Out What The Most Powerful Business Leaders Put On Their Business Cards”


Channel Emotion

A lot of articles are about facts, numbers and information. However, if you want to make something captivating, it has to spark an emotion inside the reader. That’s true so much so that readers actually prefer to be told what they’re going to feel by a headline.

“These Hot Babes Will Make You Feel Better About Your Day…”

“Click This Video. It Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye…”

“This Prank Must Have Given Some People Nightmares…”

As journalists, we’re often taught just to deliver the facts and not to sway emotions. That’s not the case if you want to create clickable headlines.


Eight Is Great

Sometimes it’s just a numbers game. Remember, there’s millions and millions of headlines used on the internet every day, which means that there’s tons of statistics to derive some valuable information from.

Statistics show that titles with eight words have the highest click-through rates. Overall, these types of headers perform 21% better than the average, so consider aiming for that number when you’re titling your articles and posts.


Use Subtitles

Did you know that subtitles can improve your click-through rates? Headlines that have a colon or a hyphen in the title (to separate or indicate that a subtitle is coming) get about 9% more click-throughs than headlines without. It’s easy to do, so make sure you improve your percentages by adding in a subtitle.


Overpromise and Overdeliver

There’s a reason why loud, superlative-filled ads on TV catch our attention: they overpromise and overdeliver. When you hear that The Brick has an 80% off sale and you don’t have to pay until 2019, you start to think about what you can buy.

The same thing happens with clickable headlines. You want to offer some bait so that the fishes bite. That means using some superlatives, such as “the most important…” or the “best ever…” or “critical reasons…”that create some urgency. And then once you promise a bunch of value in the headline, make sure you deliver in the article. If it’s a list of the “9 Best Reasons…”, throw in a 10th and 11th in the honorable mention. Or find a way to give the reader more value than they were expecting.

Remember: overpromise to get them in and overdeliver to leave them satisfied.