Facebook seems to have won the battle with Google+ but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the latter. G+ still has a huge number of participants – roughly 550 million – and that means you should have a presence marketing to that crowd as well.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ can be a flood of headlines. Everyone understands that. The question is, how does one stand out from the crowd?

Heady Headlines

When it comes to social media, a lot of people get into the habit of just copy-pasting links. Find a good one, copy it, then paste it into the social site and click send. Hold your horses.

With Google+, headlines are very important. Every post on G+ needs a headline because it’s not only the header of your post, it’s also used as the title tag of the post in Google search results.

Don’t skip this simple step. Spend a few extra seconds and make sure every G+ post has a headline.

Images Make Impressions

If you take a look at the top posts on G+, the majority of them have images. There have been plenty of research conducted to show that eye candy attracts more eyeballs. Shocking, right? That’s because we read so much on the internet that any type of a break from straight text is welcome.

When you paste a link in G+, it will pull an image from the page if possible. That can work but the ideal practice is to upload your own photo. If you do that, remember to include a link to the URL in the text. The photo will link to the full size of the image.

Sharing Properly Leads To More Caring

The most basic instinct in G+ is to click share right after pasting a link, but think about it for a second. While most people set their post to “public”, assuming that gives you the maximum reach, there is actually a better practice to follow.

You can add in your circles and select individuals each time you share a post, which will notify those circles and users on their end. The key is to make sure that you’re only doing this with quality content that’s related to them. If not, they are going to feel like they’re being spammed. However, done right, and you’re more likely to engage your crowd.

Remember To Hashtag

Everyone knows about the hashtag’s benefit in Twitter but make sure you put it to work in Google+ as well. Remember, Facebook, G+ and others have adopted it too. However, G+ uses hashtags a little bit differently than the other guys. It uses the hashtags – along with semantic analysis – to form relationships between topics. So if you put the hashtag #DigitalMarketing, that’ll be associated to other hashtags that include #ContentMarketing, #SEOMarketing, #SEM, #Search and so on.

Google+ will often add hashtags to your post automatically as long as there is sufficient text. The best practice is to do it yourself. That way you can control the accuracy.