So you’ve finally got a site and you just started your blog. What’s next? You’ll want to build up a readership, which is easier said than done. However, we’ve got five tactics to get you started. Have a look:

Quality Not Quantity

There are still many people who believe that they need to flood the internet with content. More articles means more traffic, right? Breaking news: the internet is already a flooded. If you want to stand out from the crowd, the key is to provide your readers quality, no quantity. Repeat customers comeback because you’re offering them value. If you can’t provide that value, then don’t bother writing a post.

Yes, something is better than nothing, but something awesome is even better than that. Spend a few more minutes planning and writing to make something great rather than just splitting that time in half to write two mediocre pieces of content.

Add Visuals

If you’re blog is just endless amounts of text, you better hope that it’s fantastically fascinating or wonderfully witty. Otherwise, you’re going to lose a lot of readers. Nowadays, visitors love all sorts of eye candy. Words only work so well. Eye candy can include things like infographics, images, GIFs, videos and much more. The best part is that people love to share this stuff in social media. The key is that it’s easily consumable. Reading a 2000-word article can require 20 minutes of time. However, an infographic or a quick video can offer instant gratification.

We read so much on the internet already. Try to mix in some visuals that will offer your readers a much-needed break.

E-Mail Subscriptions

Not everyone is going to come back to your site and check for new blog posts. An easier way to keep in touch with your followers is through e-mail. Give your followers a way to subscribe. That way, once a new blog post is up you can let them know via e-mail.

Be Social

So you’ve got a new blog post up on your website and you’re going to socially bookmark it. Well, don’t be robotic about it. Sure, you can just paste a link on the social networks and see what happens but that’s not the optimal practice. What you want to do is treat it with the same kind of love you treat the blog post: give the social media title a thought, try to create some emotion and if anyone responds, make sure you interact with them.

If you do a good job, your followers will share with their friends and market your brand. Don’t just lazily share and hope for the best. Try to make it fun and engaging, and you’re followers will pass it on.

Mention Your Friends

We’re not talking about your Facebook friends here.

So many times when new blogs are starting up, they hesitate to link out to other sites because they’re scared of the SEO ramifications. They’ve heard stories about ‘link juice’ and how important it is to protect it. However, mentioning your friends and the people who influence you can often lead to them mentioning you back. Use quotes, mentions and include references to those who shaped your post or influence your thinking on a daily basis.

And even if you don’t get mentions in return, you’re still an authority in a realm and you’re sharing tips and tricks. That’s value that will keep your readers coming back.