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About Us

Our Staff, Our Company, Our Goals.

Our Internet Marketing Services are designed to create a connection between your brand and its target consumers. We strive to establish this connection at a time and place when a customer is most likely to be interested in your brand.

Our goal is to create campaigns that provide a positive brand experience – providing genuine, meaningful value for your customer resulting in a long lasting relationship.

The basis for our successful Online Marketing Services is working hard to understand who your target audience is from both a demographic and psychographic perspective. It’s not enough to simply achieve number one search rankings or viral content; we must do so for the right keywords and right content that drive relevant customers and the most value to your business.

Meet The Team

  • BRYAN V.


    Bryan’s 18 years of web experience drives Newtown, one of the most progressive online marketing firms in the country. Bryan will play a key role in your brand by providing strategy, creating thinking, guidance and budget management.

  • RUI N.


    Rui brings over 10 years’ experience in online marketing. Rui will manage your ongoing creative direction. Rui understands how important your brand is to you and will ensure your brand looks and feels exactly as it should for today’s marketplace.

  • DAVE G.

    Content and Social Media Director

    Dave has over 10 years writing experience for major outlets like Foxsports, Askmen, Playboy, and Baltimore Sun etc. For your brand Dave will help manage the team’s ongoing content efforts and all content initiatives.

  • GRACE L.


    Grace is a web specialist who has driven campaigns for clients including Hardcore Sports Radio, NHL Network, Betonline.com, Sportsbetting.com, TheScore, Rogers, World Fishing Network and numerous other campaigns. Grace will oversee the day-to-day duties of the team ensuring that search engine optimization standards are met and kept on time.

  • PAOLO G.


    Paolo has played a key role at Newtown in providing high-level design on a number of different mediums. Paolo will provide design as well as lend a hand in the creative direction of the brand.

  • JIG I.


    Jig will provide graphic design and work in tandem with our graphic lead to ensure your brand looks best in class.



    Eduardo is a skilled programmer with 5 plus years of programming experience developing many high-end projects. Eduardo will help with integration, database development and ongoing maintenance of the website.

  • IAN R.


    Ian brings creativity and a new flair to our development team. He will provide suplemental development to the rest of the developers in a creative way.

  • PAUL T.


    Paul has spent numerous years’ link building and developed a high understanding of the ever-changing facets of SEO.Paul will have a key role in the rankings for the brand ensuring that we generate the number of premium-focused backlinks that we require to rank in this competitive niche.

  • ADE P.

    Social Media Specialist

    Ade have been with Newtown for over 3 years and have assisted with the implementation of thousands of link building projects. Their primary task will be ensuring we execute the link building requirements for this competitive niche.

  • ARIK B.


    Arik has 8 years of managing high performing PPC campaign across multiple networks. PPC is all Arik does – ensuring our clients get expert PPC coverage across all major networks. Arik will manage all aspects of the PPC campaigns ensuring that we generate maximum ROI for your spend.



    Anthony has over 7 years’ experience managing and conducting email marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands. Anthony will work together with the team to develop best in class email marketing campaigns for your brand.



    Content plays a major role online and the development of all campaigns from search, social, clickable copy, conversion rate optimization, and press releases, etc. Dash Media currently staffs 14 quality writers to meet our ever-growing content needs. The writers will assist with providing the necessary content to achieve our goals.



    The translation team is able to provide timely and lively Spanish and Chinese translations. If you have translation needs not currently listed, please talk to your account manager.